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I was an early Uber employee who left (for a lot of the obvious reasons, namely, it was a nightmare place to work) before 2017, but your book captures the atmosphere perfectly. I stayed up all night reading it the day it arrived. Congrats on a great book.

Out of curiosity...are there any odd/absurd/sad behaviors about TK or the rest of senior leadership that you left out for lack of context or relevancy?

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these enormous all-out internal political battles that probably resulted in fantastic amounts of burned capital and waste.

Growth burned something like $40m the summer of 2015 trying to sign up drivers at gas stations. The name of the project, of course, was Project Superpump.

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Hi professor,

Since you obviously have a penchant for making policy and advice as simple as possible, I'm curious about your thoughts on another simple policy: giving poor people money. Do you support a non-means-tested Universal Basic Income? Why or why not?

Thanks! (and Go Maroons - A.B. '12)

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I was really surprised it didn't make it in. Scout's honor, it's true.

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Better to do it yourself than to IPO and ::looks at Uber:: let the market do it for you