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I work at an amazon facility but the step before the OP. Not the building that houses all the product but we're the middle man that ships to the delivery stations and post offices

When you order same day shipping it's basically given priority it's picked off the shelving first, packaged first and put in a big cardboard box, known as a Gaylord, then put on a truck that is all same day/next day shipping for the area you're in. Then those trucks come to us and since the destinations are all local we don't have to worry all the steps we need to take for regular packages, we just separate the gaylords by which delivery station they're going to then put them back on a truck and back out the warehouse. This means that your package has spent maybe 1-2 hours in the warehouse, a regular 2 day shipping package will spend anywhere from 4-20 hours in the warehouse. From there I'm less familiar on the process but from what i understand the truck your package is on goes to the delivery station and is sorted out by route then it is driven to your home, or where ever the destination is.

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We know it's weird but after saying gaylord 20 times a day the awkwardness of it wears off

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I work at one of the amazon fulfillment centers that supply the delivery stations, is there anything you think we could do to improve?

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Is this whole "we're over due for an eruption from the Yellowstone super volcano" thing true or it just official sounding people making noise?