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I see myself as a limited-government conservative.

So how do you feel about Obamacare?

I think its easy for healthy people to criticize it. But as someone who lives with a chronic disease, it truly is a step in the right direction (from my perspective). I've had to go without health insurance for a few months, and it pretty much crippled me financially since I need supplies and medicine multiple times everyday.

The fear of being denied health insurance because of pre-existing condition is scary and people who don't have to worry about it, really demean the whole situation when they try and talk about it and pretend they are sympathetic.

Insurance companies don't want to cover me. They consistently fight with me over covering certain medicines. Because of my condition they know ultimately that I am going to cost them money.

I've been paying attention to the idea of health care reform for a long time, and while I have my own problems with Obamacare. It is atleast an attempt at addressing the problem. I always hear politicians talking about how health care needs to be fixed, and that there are other solutions other than Obamacare, but yet nobody ever has a well thought out plan. Just political rhetoric that anything is better than the legislation President Obama signed.

EDIT: Went through all the questions posted in this IAMA. I may have missed what I was looking for but I dont think I did. Seems like this guy didn't answer any question about health care. Thats pretty disappointing. Especially when you consider the Supreme Court hearing oral arguments whether or not its constitutional, and them setting a massive precedent if they overturn it. It's extremely topical and one issue that affects everyone directly.

You see like a pretty reasonable guy (minus not believing in evolution, but thats your right). But all you've really done is talked about issues you knew reddit would agree with. Paraphrasing what other people said, but yes, you mostly seem like a single issue candidate.

And not to sound hostile, but complaining about the state of congress now and their pandering, while you only talk about things that most people on here generally agree about, is pandering.