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It's my personal belief that many people, in the US at least, have become intellectually lazy enough to rely on online sources of information that are highly biased, at best, and outright fraudulent, at worst.

In an age when people are so easily influenced, and just want to be entertained more than informed, how does serious journalism remain viable, politically and economically?

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No doubt about it, you're going to do well for yourself. You've already accomplished more academically in your 19 years than most people will in a full lifetime.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to ask a question. Have you made a decision about where you'll go to college, exactly what you'll be studying, and what you'd like to do long-term?

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Do you have a Goodreads profile? Would love to follow you and your work there :)

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In response to another Redditor's question about black holes and the like, you made reference to the "event horizon" and the physics that exist at such a place.

For a non-physicist, why is the "event horizon" of particular interest? Is it just that you have that interest, or is it some unique quality of the event horizon that makes it important?

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If I'm not mistaken, isn't there recent research asserting that meditation is no more effective than other techniques, such as playing music, progressive relaxation, or even walking?

Is there research demonstrating that meditation has special effects that extend beyond general modes of relaxation and focus?