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Dude I know you! We used to work for a company in Reno together for a little bit, right?

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Yep, you got it.

I just moved to Phoenix for a new job. Started 3 weeks ago.

I've actually lived out of my car at 2 different times in my life, and it actually wasn't bad at all!

I'm at work right now, but when I get home, I'll read your whole post and stuff.

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East St. Louis has the highest crime rate in the United States (according to the FBI's 100 most dangerous cities list). According to FBI's data of 2007, its murder rate hit 101.9 per population of 100,000, surpassing that of cities such as Gary, Indiana (48.3 per pop. 100,000), New Orleans, Louisiana (37.6), Baltimore, Maryland (43.3), and Detroit, Michigan (47.3), as well as that of its neighbor St. Louis (37.2). FBI data shows East St. Louis' rate of rape exceeded 250 per population of 100,000.

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However, right now there are 644 million active websites on the Internet according to Netcraft. Netcraft's March 2012 website survey discovered 644,275,754 active websites, to be precise

20 / ~644,275,754 sites implemented your code snippet.

Even if your goal is to only have the top 500 traffic sites implement the code, that seems like a pipe dream to me. There's no incentive to implement the code, and no guarantee it won't cause unexpected problems.

Not to mention proxies, personal cell phones/other internet-enabled devices and TOR defeat your tracking totally.

Have you thought about this, and/or have a plan to make your goal more realistic?

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I like to read the same news stories from multiple sources. Al Jazeera, BBC, Fox News, NBC, CNN, etc. all can report on the same story, but they all tell it differently.

I've yet to come up with a reason not to like Al Jazeera English. It seems intelligent, insightful and not heavily biased.