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Neurotek5 karma

I had a car leasing company recently send me a bill for almost $600 that was for yearly taxes of a car that's lease ended last year (registration/license ended 2 weeks later). I called the state and they reduced the cost to about $50 for the 1 month I actually owed them instead of the entire year. The leasing company states I owe them the full $600 (despite me having official documentation from the government that it was reduced to $50), and they would refund me when the state refunded them. I told them I would pay them, what the state was owed and wouldn't pay more. They said that they would then send the rest to a collections agency. Can they do that? Can I just pay what is owed and then wait until the leasing company gets its refund then then nullify the amount owed to the collections agency or am I legally supposed to pay the full amount the leasing company paid?