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After so many years, so much money, and lives lost (I'm thinking of Kiki Camarena and others), do you believe we should continue this "war on drugs", or should they be produced, legalized, regulated and taxed in the U.S. as a potential solution to the violence? It seems nothing has changed except the names. Should we shift money to treatment?

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In the 90's I had implants to help after a large fatty tumor was removed. 2 more children and many lbs. later I am actually too large now at DD. I have looked at reduction but I really do not like the keyhole and worry about loss of sensation. Are there options to the keyhole and can sensation be preserved?

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Well to be honest, once these implants come out I could droop all the way to the floor! lol I have no idea! lol I do want smaller implants and a C cup. I need to lose weight first before I attempt surgery I think. I don't want a Pam Anderson look. Just a nice natural outline in a C cup. But thank you so much for the replay already. And I will watch to see if JustADreamAway below my post here gets an answer. Those would be my exact questions. Oh, what type of implants are available and which seem to feel more natural. I have saline and can feel ripples at times.