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What is often the motivation for students to purchase services like yours? Is it because they are lazy/unmotivated or are they sometimes overworked? And in the second case, would a student be able to send a half written essay for you guys to finish it?

I dont promote the idea of cheating, but seeing what ludicrous assignments are floating around like "Write a essay that is atleast 60 pages about a subject that isnt relevant to your study" etc. Makes me wonder if those overwhelmed students are the majority of your clients or if the majority is just lazy..

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Wait, what are weighted blankets? Just curious as I've never heard of them before..

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Hi there! Thank you for this AMA. I love watching rally's and try to get somewhat okay in Dirt 2.0 Rally, but not much luck so far, haha

Back on topic though: you mentioned stem / F1 and women in motorsports are interesting themes for you.

I was wondering how old you where when you decided you wanted to get into motorsport, and also what kind of reactions you got. Where they positive? Negative? And do you notice people treating you different in the sport because of your gender?

Also, what do you think is the primary reason we don't see more women in motorsports? Is it because its seen as something just for men, or are there other factors at play?

Thank you in advance for your time, and thank you for being an inspiration :)