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I am male and 49 years old, a former professional firefighter in California for 17 years.

I resigned for personal reasons in 2010 at the same time I developed a heart issue, resulting in a hospital stay and pace maker insertion, I remain in atrial fibrillation regardless of medication. I filed a work comp case immediately upon resignation and hired an attorney.

In California heart and cancer are presumptive for firefighters and police officers, however the original Dr at the AME declared my issue was congenital and all they settlement offer is to date is $24k.

My father was a firefighter likewise and worked 27 years he developed a blockage and had a heart attack in 1993, on the job, and he died 17 years ago at age 53. I have no other family history, my brother and cousins have developed no heart issues.

My attorney will depose the Dr in February of this year, I want a settlement which includes a procedure that ablates the heart to control rhythm. What would be your opinion of settlement options? Should you have any other questions and or require clarification please reply.

Thank you.

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I want to know the weather conditions. How were these fires occurring in the Southern Hemisphere during the winter? What was the average temperature? Relative Humidity?

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17 years a firefighter in Southern California during the 90s and 00s, Paramedic Ambulances and ERs were the only healthcare the poor and uninsured have access too. We used to joke its the 911 HMO.

Why did Obamacare enrollees vote for Trump? American's will gamble their health with our 3rd World healthcare system rather then pay for shitty high deductible low benefit insurance policies that provides all the birthcontrol you want and a once a year check up, penalizing them if they didn't participate. The ACA has exposed Americans to a framework of profiteering across the spectrum of US Healthcare. A knockoff off then Gov Romney's Mass healthcare system and one big benefit for Corporations.

Americans voters run from one party to the other, every election cycle, hoping somebody will provide relief from a system that our Corporate owned Government refuses to fix. It has been this way since the 70s with rising income inequality and a Democratic Party that no longer protects working Americans or Middle Class Americans. The option is the GOP which beholden to rich men since Teddy Roosevelt left it. And thanks to the Clintons, the DNC is basically the GOP in Jackass suit that only cares about LGBT, Immigrants, Abortion and countering every play the assholes in the GOP come up with.

"The American dream died in Las Vegas." - Hunter S. Thompson

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Are you familiar with story of the 7 people who survived an hour in the Bering Sea after a plane crash in 1993? The floated on empty fuel cans.