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When do you think governments will stop under reacting? Medical experts have been pretty clear social distancing isn't enough at this point yet we still allow non-essential businesses run where hundreds or even if thousands of people gather.

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Why no masks or gloves? I see no reason you shouldn't be allowed to wear them especially if you are providing them yourself. And there are latex free gloves so I don't want to hear about allergies. My place wants me to disinfect touch points every shift change.

And we don't deal with food or customers directly.

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Do you feel your mom's support comes from fear(or maybe not knowing something different) or that she truly believed the Chinese government knows best for everyone?

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To be fair only idiots do this. Any good editor or idea will convert a tab to 4(or whatever number you want) spaces.

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There are literally 1000s of different platic blends. We could probably try and force industries to standardize where possible (like water bottles and food containers) but at the same time stuff can't be on the plastic for it to be easily recycled (make a lot of food containers hard to recycle). We really just need to work better on reuse standards. This could mean all soda simply being fountains and you fill your 2 liters or whatever while at a store.

This could be applied for many other things as well. Reusable shopping bags should be the starting point not our end.