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Definitely German. There are German brands in the pictures (like Ja!) and the display in the second photo says "bereit" which means ready in German. Also, you can tell by his writing style that he's a native German speaker (or at least that he's not a native English speaker).

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TIL not only is Alarm für Cobra 11 still a thing, it is broadcast in 120 countries.

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Do you care about user ratings, as in decline a tour if a user has a low rating? Do you expect tips and if so, do you give customers a low score if they don't tip?

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Please spend some time researching before spending money on it. NLP is largely regarded as pseudoscience.

I'd also take his claim of a cure with a grain of salt. Hypnosis and NLP work much in the same way placebos do; they can only alleviate subjective symptoms, but can't cure physical ailments (like allergies). That doesn't mean they can't help, though.

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Hi Thane, thanks for doing this.

I have two questions for you:

  1. There are a number of lets say more esoteric projects with highish vote counts on the whiteboard. At least from the submitters and voters perspecive, they fulfill the requirements outlined in your guidelines, although some might disagree. How do you decide what gets broadcast if the truthfulness is not clear cut and open to debate?

  2. The submitted ideas and votes clearly show that a lot of people do not understand that outernet is one directional, with a limited amount of bandwith and possible content. Why do think this misconception is so common and should the limitations be more emphasized?