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For a very intentional experience, I like to shower beforehand, lay out my space, the biggest thing though is getting ALL OF MY AFFAIRS IN ORDER! I go through my texts, make sure I have responded to everything and settled evertything, make sure everything is settled and concluded and wont pop up during the expereience,

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I believe all drugs should be legalized. We should be free to alter our minds as we see fit and to be responsible for how we do it. Our society already legally entrusts us with so many dangerous and regulated mechanisms (guns, cars etc.), the benefit outweighs the obvious risks.

I am adamant that hallucinogens should be legalized for therapeutic use. The benefits are obvious, the only obstacle is archaic stigma that has to be dismantled. I genuinely think they can revolutionize the treatment of mental health disorders, but they must be handled carefully and extremely responsibly- they are not miracle cures and they can go very wrong and we cant lose sight of that,

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Like say you have an ongoing conversation with your mother- I don't wanna talk to my mom while on substances, I make sure to just conclude whatever we may be talking aboht in that moment etc

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I have a process:

I take notes throughout the experience, always always timestamped. I wait about a week to start writing so it can all simmer, then I go through other data like pictures, messages and exchanges between people etc. to fill in details and timing, A lot of it just comes from memory too!

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Mushrooms are actually the one thing I cannot conquer- they are my death and dread ! I have a psychological block against them now because experiences were so consistently terrifying. have just had repeated catatstrophic bad experiences with them, traumatic every time.

The worst psychedelic experience of my life, which isn't documented, was a mushroom trip with my ex, I had hallucinated that I was out in the street freaking out, being arrested, detained etc. while I was just in my room. She had to physically stop me from killing myself. dreadful