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Let me guess. Happened in America?

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Wow same here. 4th of July at 10 years old. My mom had a supply of panty liners for me and I knew how to put them in since I had them for bladder issues but I still freaked out a little. I put a liner in and went downstairs to ask my mom what happened. Looking back, I was surprisingly calm. My gramma was visiting and we just celebrated with some chocolate and never spoke of it again. I don't think it was early puberty for me though because I didn't grow any pubic hair, breasts, or curves until I was maybe 14. I think I just did everything out of order.

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I think I’ll take one of your suggestions since I’m curious and an aspiring author myself. What is the difference between writing fiction and nonfiction?

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That’s incredibly interesting. I’d never thought if it that way before but the way you describe weaving a story into the facts is spot on. I’ve read some nonfiction that is so encyclopedic that it puts me to sleep. Others have me reading at lightning pace because the story woven in is so fascinating!

I’ve heard many times that fiction requires a lot of research as well. Does the research you do differ at all when writing the two styles? Also, I am such a novice at this, do you have any advice or resources for learning to do research for writing?