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This movie is definitely on my family's list for later this month.

The "Old Boy's Club" is a hot topic on the other end of the nerd/jock spectrum in Live Action Roleplaying groups, as women are becoming more front and center in the hobby. Admittedly, most LARPs are steeped in archaic medieval ways, and it spills out into the way people interact as well, making it uncomfortable for people actively trying to change the way things are in these groups.

From investigating this case, do you have any advice or insights for leaders (of any group) on how to help initiate systemic change?

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That's good advice, I'll talk to people.

It's always driven me nuts that in nerd culture we get the alpha-male as philosopher king and then its partner the enforcer on the "jock"-ier side, not to sound like we're all still in high school or anything. Its obnoxious to me that people gatekeep (And man, I get driven nuts by doing this passively) others out of hobbies and games that are supposed to be welcoming and filled with other "rejects", but its just a re-skin of the exact same social strata.

Consider me fascinated by that LARP concept. Care to share more?

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Are you secretly Tommy Wiseau?