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You can't harm something that's nonexistent.

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Hey Anthony! I fucking love you and your voice man. I can't count how many times I've eaten lunch while watching Parts Unknown and gently fallen asleep by the end of it. I'd love even one answer for any of these questions.

1) Where were people the happiest?

2) In your experience, do people hold general stereotypes of what all Americans are or are they aware of the nuances between stereotypes of different races in America?

I ask this as an Ethiopian-American who's interested in traveling. I want to get a sense of what people would think of me overseas, and I'm very sure reactions would be different towards white and black Americans haha.

3) What's your opinion on the whole concept/idea of the melting pot in the U.S and or Europe? Do you think it's working out well?

Thanks man! I can't wait to see season 8 of Parks Unknown!

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Algorithms can be math intensive.

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If you were 18 in 2019, what would you study in college and how would you start your career?

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Khan Academy has a fairly comprehensive overview of finance and economics. You should check it out!