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Does moving to the master socket make a difference or is it a placebo that mostly works because it forces you to reconnect? If it does work, why?

Usually speed issues are between the cabinet and the premises. What can I do to determine which side of the line the issue is before I get an engineer down?

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What magnitude is the Big One reported to be?

The San Andreas Fault isn't very deep, which puts a rough upper limit around 8.3. What'd be scary about the SAF going would be a long-lasting quake (as noted by /u/queen_content, 60-90s of shaking at at least a 7 or higher could cause major issues).

I'm sure /u/theearthquakeguy could elaborate a bit more, but I think I've got my facts... shaken out... ;)

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I can't find a source right now, bit I believe the road (or track) was there first - Stonehenge was built next to an important route at the time, rather than the other way round.

It does follow Harrow Way for a huge part of its length, but rough dating of it suggests that it has a rough age of 600-450 BC based on findings near parts of it, with parts possibly dating back to the end of stone age. However, Stonehenge's early construction most possibly started in the Mesolithic age, which does put it a few thousand years before the tail end of the stone age. It's a bit difficult to call in either direction, but I do ponder if this might be a chicken/egg scenario. My money is on the path, mind.

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The profit from our retail sales helps us to care for England's unique heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Pimping this a bit for everyone to enjoy, you can get your English Heritage gift shop items via their website too, very handy for that emergency mead bottle during the lockdown!

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If you had to be holed up in one of your sites for the zombie apocalypse, which would you choose?

I mean, I want to see their answer to this, but if it isn't Calshot Castle, then the chosen site needs to have amazing defense!