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Little brother thinks it’s hilarious and unfortunately opens up to me about being a furry because he knows I’m comfortable with sexual weirdness

As a father to a boy and a girl, and someone who tries to be very "woke" and modern, I think I could learn to be ok if my daughter went into legal sex work. But a furry son? I might have to draw the line there 😂

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That can't possibly stay true if you end up with millions of users, which I anticipate is the goal. What's the plan then when costs escalate?

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4x what he was earning before. Apparently. So at least $4.

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Well I was being generous and assuming he was earning $1/year. That works out to $4/year now. Rich guy.

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I would hope the guy is making over $50K USD. Realistically he should be upwards of six figures with millions of ad impressions. But I have no idea at all, and it's rude to ask. That's why I answered with the joke.