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Nekraphobia165 karma

Could you go into more details on your carbon offset? I've read some of your comments about planting trees and I'm not entirely convinced.

Just planting trees doesn't really mean much and considering the concerns with biodiversity could cause more harm than good. Is biodiversity being factored in? On top of that there's some evidence that replanting efforts are causing a warming effect, and considering the trees take a century to reach maturity your claims seem... dubious at best.

This article from NASA sums up some criticisms with the "replanting" efforts and quite frankly the movement has the reputation of businesses trying to put up a facade of being eco friendly while avoiding doing anything about their immediate environmental damage.


I'm certainly not saying you're doing something wrong or are worse than other fashion companies but you are making some bold claims without a lot to back them up.

Nekraphobia49 karma

Those are great points, thanks for taking the time to respond!