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With the standards and hiring/firing processes being handled locally are there many cases of law enforcement agents being fired then being hired in a new city or state? Are there any enforceable laws in place to stop an agent with a history of bad behavior (for lack of a better term) from just moving and getting a job as an officer elsewhere? It seems as if POST lost it's teeth in 2003 so I'd be curious if there was a spike in these instances after that.

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This stood out to me in the article " In trying to get his job back in an arbitration hearing, Cash actually cited the lack of publicity surrounding his conviction as a reason he should be rehired." It feels like Cash is essentially saying that he should be rehired because he didn't embarrass the department too badly.

If that is really the case does that mean how faux pas the grievance looks to the outside public plays a large role in dictating the departments decision on the officer's employment? I guess the real question is did you notice anything of the sort?

Apologies if one of the articles goes into this, I swear I read them all and tried to remember as much as possible before asking.

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This is something I think about often. Glad you asked this question.