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Well, I'm grateful that the Red Sox have included Sweet Caroline into their games. And it's a great story that you have shared, about how your family affected that decision on the part of the Red Sox, I hadn't heard that before. There's something about that song - from the moment i wrote it, I felt a connection with a higher force, and I think that's why people are attracted to it and love it in a way, because it connects them to that higher spiritual force, and it's been used as a good luck song for teams all over the world, cricket players in Hong Kong, it's the official closing song of Oktoberfest in Germany, Penn State plays it at their football games, and of course, the Red Sox play it in the 8th Inning at home games... I love that, I love it. It was a totally un-premeditated - the song just came to me when I needed it most, when I was at my lowest point ever in my career, when I thought my career was over, that song came to me and gave me back my career and my life, and then I turned it over to the public and now they're taking that song to their hearts, and I think that song is an act of god, and I couldn't be more thrilled that I had a little part in making that happen.

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I loved his impression of me, and I was flattered that he picked me out to make some fun of. On the last show of his stay at Saturday Night Live, I volunteered to come on it and make a little cameo appearance, I showed up and I kind of interrupted his act with a song, I think it was "cherry cherry" that I did, and I looked over my left and he was standing there with his arms folded with an expression on his face which said (in a sense) "So that's what he does." He was obviously studying what I actually do, and he probably picked up a few hints, but at that point it was too late, we had already finished. So I guess I got the last say on that.

But the short answer: Will Ferrell can just get up and be in front of a camera and make me laugh. He doesn't need me or anybody else to have some fun with.

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I love being a grandpa, it's my favorite thing in the world to be, and I'll be anybody's grandpa that only sends a dollar to charity or does something kind for someone else. I'll volunteer to be their - not official grandpa - but honorary grandpa. Thank you!

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Well, I'm asked to play "Sweet Caroline" all the time, and usually I will do it, because I can have fun with it too, I had a bunch of autograph hounds (professional autograph hounds) meet me at the airport in the last week or so, and they did what they usually do, which is to print out my name and try to embarrass me so I just sign something, and I decided to make THEM do something in return - so I said "Sing Sweet Caroline in return for me and I'll sign your autographs." They did sing it, so I did sign autographs, and I'll do that song at a drop of a hat.

But my favorite song to do is "I am I Said" - I can really dig into it, the lyric has a real resonance in my life, and I don't do it nearly as often as "Sweet Caroline" but it is easily my favorite song to sing.

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Well, honestly, I don't think I've made it yet. I'm still struggling to get to that perfect song, to make those perfect notes, to give that perfect performance. So I'm still working on that part. I didn't believe that I had made it, and I'm still working toward that end though. I haven't stopped dreaming.