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Did you find very many young girls that held the same opinion as the two girls interviewed who partially places blame on the victim? Were the students overwhelmingly in support of the perpetrators?

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Have you considered tattooed eyebrows?

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As some who, ummmm, notices these things...I've seen sexy flight attendant women in sexy black pointy heels (which is probably along the lines of what the above poster meant) and I've seen them change into flats during the flight so walking up and down the aisles is actually feasible. Heels must be a pain in the ass if you're in the air. Yes, we want your sexy shoes, ladies.

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Why are there so many drills when nothing happens? Seems fishy. It's like how surprised you are when you think of someone and then the phone rings and its that person! Wow! How about all the hundreds of times you think of them and the phone doesn't ring?

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I never thought about it before, but...foul play, as in, he murdered them then released the snake as a coverup of his crime? Interesting to think about.