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The key part to your reply is, "They should have", they didn't. This is why giving your information out to every willy nilly institution is asking for trouble. Even the most foundational integral financial institutions use password for their password

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Pro Res is on Premiere Pro CC. It mightn't have been while you were filming though. I also had Pro Res on windows for years through an odd incident but now anyone can have it. You can also install Avid codecs for free on Premiere Pro but now apparently they too are included on Premiere Pro.

Also, before, if you wanted to be able to watch apple codec footage on windows you HAVE to install Quicktime, which is apples media player. There was always these prerequisists to getting windows editing up and running like installing Quicktime and installing Avid DNxHD codec packs. Not doing this would fuck a lot of people up and dramatically hinder your editing capabilities. Now it's all built in, you may still have to install Quicktime though.

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Fucking fantastic. What do i do as a moneyless shit head to live through that?