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what's the most mind blowing fact you've learned that you think everyone should know about ancient studies/anthropology from this time period?

I realize that's a very broad question (and time frame), so feel free to list as many as you like! :)

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that's incredibly insightful. thank you for the response.

I'd say I have two and a half of those. I am extremely familiar with the guitar, I have advanced music theory knowledge and I THINK I would like to educate. I have given sporadic lessons when I had friends that needed to learn a specific technique or perhaps a song. But I've never taught for the point of a weekly or more overall progression. I could see the great reward of watching a student grow over time, especially if they are motivated correctly.

I really appreciate it!

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what, in your mind, gives someone the disposition to teach guitar?

What I mean is, I am often asked for lessons and tips, etc, but I've never really thought of myself as much of a teacher. There's actually an employment opportunity in my area for a teacher and and I have considered dropping a resume by but I just don't have the confidence.

in your mind what does it take to teach?

Thanks in advance!

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wow, thanks very much! I'll take a look at these!

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A quick browse on your site and I saw that you had a section for meditation.

I've always been interested in meditation, and the benefits included. So here's my question - what's your best advice for someone with no previous experience with meditation? Best way to start? Goals to set? any information is appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time :)