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If literally everything is rigged by corporations, from elections to my 'favorite' cereal brand--how do you expect to gain traction with this kind of solution? How do you convince the technologically illiterate that you aren't one of the enemy, when everyone around them looks the same?

What'e the point of even deploying a solution like this on the clearnet? If everything is both regulated and monitored by corporations and governments alike--is there really any way to be private in 2019? Even sites like StackOverflow harvest userdata without remorse, so what can you really do for me?

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Computer science student here. How did you guys keep going when times were tough? Are any of you from lower-class households?

Honestly I don't know how much stress I can take between studying, working and dealing with family strife. I know there's no 'perfect solution' for decompressing, but how do you guys make the most of your free time? Nothing I do seems to help me relax anymore...

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How long do you think the U.S. will take to accept digital currency in lieu of cash universally?

Do you think that our network infrastructure and legislation will ever be advanced enough to support digital transactions in all U.S. stores?

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Will the terrible stigma of mobile games ever disappear? Is there a way for developers to implement less hostile monetization models? Are all mobile games doomed to be slot machines dressed up as games?