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How can a civilian like me, that doesn't (can't) understand what you are experiencing and have experienced help you and others like you through this?

If its not too much, what specifically are you facing in terms of PTSD and fears or feelings about the future?

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you guys should go in on a pair of gloves.

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Not back then. I can remember cutting class and standing in line outside of Foley's at the mall waiting for them to open so we could buy tickets from their business office. I saw INXS, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Rush and about a dozen random 80's hairbands and I don't think I ever paid more than $25 for a ticket.

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I would like to see it fly as well, cause its beautiful and badass. I've only ever seen one in person and that was at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. Thats the same museum that has the Apollo 13 command module. I honestly have to say, I was more impressed with the Blackbird. I felt like I met a favorite celebrity that day.

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I'm not a New Yorker. I didn't suffer any personal losses that day but I have to say,That was a bad day for me and everyone else. Every so often something will come up to remind me of that day and most of the time it can make me feel like shit. If I think about it too much it can still bring a tear to my eye, so I really try not to.

It was maybe about four or five years ago that I heard that you did this. I've always like your movies and the characters you played. If you were in a movie i'd watch it. Hearing about this made me absolutely respect you. You are right that we were in shock, wanting to do SOMETHING but not knowing what or how. It may sound cheesey or whatever, but I want to thank you for giving a face to all the men and women that you worked with. I'm not lying when I say that knowing what you helped with, even years after the fact, eases the pain of that day a little bit. So, thank you.