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How does a 6'0 tall man hang himself in a cell with a very thin blanket that caused certain bones to snap?

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Did you ever look into certain doctors who were passing out opioid like they were candy? Like a slow murder, or were you more of a "this guy died funny" investigator?

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Are there plans for other web stores?

I was watching a youtuber buying random stuff from wish, he pointed out alot of the reviews had 5 stars but the user hadn't even tried the product yet. I've heard buying from wish can be a gamble, and something tells me fake reviews are apart of the shadyness

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Fine you do that, but why should THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR be held responsible? They are paying you to work on THEIR TIME. When you are at home with the kids, doing the laundry, and cleaning that is YOUR time.

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And we as a society agree. YOU can choose not to have a family and work more hours at the office. Your company doesn't owe you a wage because you got a creampie.