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According to an NPR story about similar legislation working its way through the Texas legislature currently, there's quite a bit of difference between 18 and 21 on this issue. Which makes sense; there are plenty of 18 and 19 year olds still attending highschool. Not so many 21 year olds. Cut off the supply to 18 and 19 year olds, and the highschool supply (and by extension supply to the younger siblings of highschoolers) dries up quite a bit.

Think of it like drinking in college. Sure, you as an 18-19 year old freshman can't buy beer... but all of the seniors in your fraternity (or whatever) can buy plenty. So it's easily accessible to freshmen. Same concept with tobacco in highschool.

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That information on TCAs is very interesting. I was put on a low dose TCA about 6 months ago (though I didn't realize it was this class of antidepressant until you named it just now) for recurring abdominal pain, and it's done wonders for me. Knowing that the pain is likely neurogenic in nature is very helpful, and will aid me in discussing the issue with future doctors. Thanks for spreading the knowledge!

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Rocket mass heaters (and some other high performance wood stoves) are designed to get a complete, or nearly complete, burn of the fuel. A properly constructed one will produce virtually no smoke because it's all burnt into co2 and water.

But yeah, the rest is spot on. Because they have to be tended to on a daily basis, an electric heat pump will be the better option for most people's situations.

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No, he wouldn't. The reason a normal person would is that after 4 hours blood starts to coagulate. You don't want the blood in your penis to turn to jello. Since OP's bionic penis is inflated with saline, this isn't an issue for him.

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Yes. The scene with the rat is real. It really did breathe liquid for a few minutes. But if I recall the stuff messes with your lungs, so the rat didn't live much longer.