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Do you consider HuffPoo to be better than MSNBC, or do you think it's a tie for last place?

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I am a former UK police officer who spent time doing undercover and surveillance work as part of the Drug Squad (early 80s). On the whole, I found it to be a fascinating experience and I feel that the population, at large, has no real understanding of the amount of criminality that exists in society. My question to you, is based upon my experience. Police life (back then), is very distorting in terms of ones perception of society. Social life almost exclusively consists of your fellow officers and their families. Your frame of reference for the public becomes jaded due to all the lies and abuse. What's your take?

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My brother unexpectedly passed away at 51 and the cause of death was Arrhythmogenic right venticular cardiomyopathy with predominat left ventricular involvement.

Can you please give me a layman's understanding of what happened?

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Do you know/think that most North Koreans are well aware that they live in such a terrible place and that they carefully hide these feelings? The reason I ask is that I get the impression that North Koreans had absolutely no idea how their lives compared to the outside world until relatively recently with their use of illegal cell phones and smuggled movies/tv shows.