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Love your username in this context

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Just stumbled upon this. Your Serrano sauce might be the best sauce I’ve ever tasted. And I’m so glad you didn’t weaken the Serrano heat. Hits almost as hard as some habanero sauces. Keep up the great work!

Forgot I have to ask a question so what is your favorite hot sauce, outside of your brand?

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We still want a response OP.

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All my respect to you.

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Another one chiming in with my two cents. I wholeheartedly agree about the other comment that small victories should be celebrated. I would also suggest being around people that make you feel good about these victories. For instance, I was very depressed living back in MN. Drinking daily, playing video games all day - sometimes all night, and completely isolating myself despite living in a close family of 6 including my adorable little niece. I move to Georgia with my dad whom I haven’t seen long term for years and because of his encouragement I feel like I’m a different person.

Additionally, finding people who you can just be around. Even someone who isn’t a close friend. Preferably someone who isn’t annoying but its amazing how desperate we get. Someone you don’t have to put effort into hanging out with. You can just exist and enjoy each other’s company. That can be a really great starting point when you feel like you’re at rock bottom. Conversations arise. Inevitably some interest will surface. And eventually you find a little spark. A shared interest. A hobby. Anything to pour yourself into while seeing your progress is great. For me right now that’s disc golf. I have a lot of hobbies and I’m at my best when I’m improving in some random interest. It’s a good way for me to dig myself out while building some confidence even if it one small niche. Personally, I avoid video games. But a hobby like disc golf is great because you naturally run into other people on the course. At some point you make some friends. And suddenly you have a friend you can share your progress with and keep yourself invested in the hobby. It also provides exercise which is of course great at all times.

I’m also a huge fan of boxing for all of the aforementioned reasons. It can be addicting to get better in the gym and see people react to your progress. You can let out your stress and frustration. It’s intense exercise which provides a sense of calm afterwards.

I’ll quit ranting but the point is, find a way to be social and find any tiny spark you can, fan it gently and try to build it up until it’s sustained. If you fail, don’t lose hope. Find the next little spark. The key is to keep exploring options. Do things purely for the joy of doing them. No expectations of yourself. The hard part is forcing yourself out of bed to find that spark but dig deep. Watch videos of other people who have endured despite all odds against them and use it as reassurance that you can find your way back. One of my favorites is a Ted Talk by a man with no limbs who leads a happy life none the less. It’s brought me to tears at two of my lowest points and showed me the power of gratitude. Even when you can’t see anything to be grateful for. On that note, make a list of every single thing you are grateful for down to the fine details (a favorite youtuber, song, utensil, etc.)

Sorry for the rant. But I’ve been there. And I know it fucking sucks. It feels endless. Everything feels pointless. Yet nobody else seems to see things for what they really are like we do. When in reality, it’s like we have sunglasses on and every day is a cloudy day. There’s hope. If you need anything reach out.