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NayvadiusWilburn5 karma

I’ve never heard of this game but used to be obsessed with Sim City and the Sims. Where is this playable ? PC? Is it an App? I’m interested now this sounds like a great concept

NayvadiusWilburn2 karma

Have you tried to the new game that’s out? City skylines ? It’s out for all major platforms and consoles . The reviews make it seem like a it’s better than sim city

NayvadiusWilburn1 karma

I still miss sim city 3000 I think it was , that might’ve been the best one. Or the original roller coaster tycoon.

NayvadiusWilburn1 karma

Man I gotta try it out I just saw it yesterday I had no idea it existed. You play?

NayvadiusWilburn1 karma

Awesome ... going to check it out it looks so detailed