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Hello! Mexican here. The situation is complicated, but this is the best I can do...

Mexico is generally safe, or relatively safe, depending on where you are. As a tourist, you’ll be safe if you stick to more touristy areas (besides the usual pickpockets and the like), but if you go hiking in certain places or visit certain neighbourhoods you’re definitely exposed to danger.

Theres many reasons why migrants might not want to stay in Mexico, though. It depends on why they’re on the move.

For the people who are escaping poverty and hunger and misery, they know they won’t find jobs in Mexico. There’s not enough low-skilled jobs available for all the migrants coming through - and they’d need to be low-skilled, as the majority of these people don’t have university degrees or the like. That’s not a bad thing, btw! Every country needs “low skill” workers. But Mexico has it covered with their own low-skilled workers, and also they’re shit jobs and underpaid. So if you’re migrating because you wish to give your family a better life, why stay in Mexico? It won’t be that different.

Second, if you’re migrating because you’re running away from a particular cartel or family, it’s likely they will have people in Mexico. If the Mara wants you dead, southern Mexico (where they’re being detained) isn’t safe for you.

Third, if you’re migrating because you feel you’re an endangered minority - LGBT+, for instance, then once again Mexico isn’t going to be much safer than Honduras or El Salvador. Maybe some cities will be, Mexico City and Guadalajara are friendly to LGBT+ folks, but even there there’s risks.

Finally, some leave in order to join family who is already in the States. They’d rather be with their own, as easy as that, not in a country where they know no-one.

And to round it back to safety... migrants are easy targets. Mexico is safe if you have some money, but the poor will always be at risk and most migrants are poor. Safe as Mexico might be when you come visit, it’s not half as safe if you’re sleeping nights under a bridge in Mexico City. Add to this a rising xenophobia (“Honduran” is becoming short-speak for “criminal”) and you might see how immigrants might that the benefits of staying aren’t worth the effort.

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Well done!

I've tried to hike much smaller mountains and gotten too tired/out of breath within hours. Did you do much training before attempting this, or was it more of a "fuck it, let's go!!" sort of thing?

What would you recommend to weaklings like me (lol) when they get tired - rest and carry on, or rest and go home for some training?

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Definitely are, thanks! Good luck with any future climbing endeavours!

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Hey! This sounds super good but important question for me: I’m very intolerant to fungi protein, and as such I absolutely can’t eat products like Quorn. Would the things you’re producing have the same amount of fungi protein in them?