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What actions would you take, if you were the leader of a small country with few infections so far?

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What is this splitting you talk of? I was in a relationship with a girl that probably had bpd, although I had never heard of it before it ended, but she would have these episodes where she didn't know what was real, and she would say that she heard bad "nationalBumblebee" say this, or good version do that.

Also had episodes where she just became really evil like a complete psycho and threatened to kill my in my sleep with a completely psychotic smile and then stormed off and cried like a baby when I told her to leave, because how could I believe something like that about her.

Always thought I was trying to cheat on her though I have never cheated in my life, and am not very popular with the ladies.

This split thing sounds so familiar, can you tell me what you mean by it?

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I was bullied my whole school life, abused by my ex gf, developed severe panic anxiety, and now recently found out I'm trans. I was suicidal before all this, but now, I went home to my parents on a remote island, and I'm thinking about ending it every time I think about my gender issues, cus it feels so much easier than facing it, and all the pain is just too much. I don't know when I would even be able to take any steps to do anything, especially now living with super religious parents in a country whose health system has no sexuality department. I have talked to psychiatrists on the phone, but they have no clue what to say, and just talk about depression medicine (I'm on my 4th one now). Who do you recommend talking to, who can actually say something helpful or comforting?

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Thank you Greg for you warm answer! I will research this Trevor Project. Best wishes through this strange time.