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Failure to properly follow the Administrative Procedures Act, for starters.

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It would weaken digital security. Right now, it is very difficult to sue in a class action lawsuit if you are a victim in a data breach. If CISA were passed, it would also be difficult for the government fine or regulate companies who don't protect their networks. Without incentive to learn basic digital hygiene, companies will not improve digital security. -- On the flip side, massive treasure troves of data will flow to agencies like the NSA and they'll have few limits on what they're able to do with it. (Jonathan Mayer wrote this excellent piece about what the NSA does with so-called Cyber Threat Indicators. -- Nathan, Access

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Hey, thanks for participating and asking a question!

Congress responds to incentives. A lot of businesses are pushing for these bills because they are useful. CISA gives liability protection which protects companies from future fines and regulation. The Intelligence Community likes it because they play pokemon with your data (Gotta Collect It ALL). And there is a lot of pressure on Members of Congress to do SOMETHING about all the cyber breaches. Since there is so much pressure - bills like CISA are considered. That's why getting people involved is so important. By sending these faxes, we've helped change the dynamic on the Hill. They're now hearing opposition, so CISA is no longer the "easy" thing to do.

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P.S. Sometimes when I go in to an office on the Hill, I'm tempted to say that I'm "here on behalf of the internet."

P.P.S -- I work for Access. My flair is wrong. I'm asking the mods for help.

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I take the internet seriously, so you don't have to.