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My father struggled with alcoholism for ~30 years, through multiple, near countless rehab efforts and programs, yet continues to drink. Popular media likes to always portray characters that beat their addictions, but I’ve witnessed the exact opposite. Is there a point where a person can get where treatments, and programs simply don’t work?

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I’m going to keep this very general. Guidance and coordination between federal agencies and STT’s is a difficult, long process currently being iterated on. It is not safe, nor feasible to approach vaccination centers or distribution methods so simply. Adequate planning is vital, and tons of constant inter-agency cooperation is occurring to help the public.

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For the next pandemic, what steps do you believe academic institutions should take with regards to educating personal and streamlining human resource bottlenecks to provide operational assistance should agency level programs require it, and how do you envision government cooperation for expanding/supporting those Initiatives?