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Natalie_Imbruglia174 karma

HAHAHAHA loving the armpit comment, just for the record, I shave my armpits!! Gotta have a sense of humor in this business or you won't get far! When I was younger, I did get frustrated with journalists always focusing on how I look or what I'm wearing. But with age comes wisdom and now it's water off a ducks back. I focus on the music and my love of singing, and the rest doesn't bother me.

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The most embarrassing thing I've done is forget the lyrics to my own song on stage and had to mumble through verse 2! Bonus points if anyone has footage...

Natalie_Imbruglia37 karma

HAHAHA I can think of a few things I WOULDN'T have to do...like shave my legs, put on makeup, or have to answer questions about what I'm wearing...

Natalie_Imbruglia34 karma

HAHAHA I do remember that!! I felt so bad!! I'm happy to say, he was fine...after a few minutes...hours...Such a great film, so happy I got to work with Rowan Atkinson. The whole experience was such fun and we finished shooting in Monaco, which was a treat.

Natalie_Imbruglia24 karma

I think he was wearing protection! I have a black belt in Karate HAHA ;)