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Unions did nothing aside from take away the worker's right to negotiate his own conditions with his boss.

It drives up costs for the consumer, it massively increases waste, and in the case of government it is the leading cause of corruption and inefficiency that makes organizations like the Post Office and the DMV so infuriating to work with.

If you walk into the back room of any post office in the nation, you will find that at least a quarter of the employees don't do their jobs and can't be fired because of the union.

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Are you concerned about union money in politics, which is close ti corporate money and almost exclusively goes towards supporting your own party?

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As a writer for Buzzfeed News, how are you planning to repay the world for spreading false information in such fragile times?

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That's actually a myth. Labor unions did not come into existence until long after most of our worker protection laws already existed. The 40 hour work week, the minimum wage, and worker safety regulations were all created by Ford motors without any Union involvement.