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I'm not military, I spent 3 months on Guam, it was cool. Did a lot of fishing, drank in a lot of interesting bars, saw some cool stuff in the jungle, drank a surprising amount of German beer, almost had a chance to go hunting but couldn't get it all together. It was fun. Dunno if I'd want to stay there more than 2-3 months, but it was otherwise fun. Tuesday night was steak night at the Horse and Cow; as a former sailor told me "It's not the best steak you'll ever have, but it's the best $7.00 steak you'll ever have". I would not disagree.

Late edit to add: The brisket smoked over mango wood at the barbecue place in the Chamorro market was effing awesome.

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I hope my brain is doing something interesting and/or productive while I'm sleeping or day dreaming. Otherwise it's spending a lot of idle consciousness thinking about some pretty petty things ( e.g. "Is 'funky like a dirty pamper' a good thing or a bad thing? I'm going with bad thing...").

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5 Guys - Good burger, different than In-n-out, in no way better other than being able to customize with a bunch of stuff (which wouldn't be necessary if they had the perfect burger like In-n-out does with the double double animal style).

Smashburger - crap

In-n-out - Good burger, different than 5 guys, preferred by me. Far better than Wendy's and WTF is Good Times?

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Fit and fat very good for cold water!

I'm going to live!

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You like soap operas? Cuz that's what you're going to get.

I went into it thinking it would be a multi-part series about viking culture, life, religion, history, etc. (being on the history channel and all). It is instead just another drama which happens to feature vikings.