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Oh wow, you included catchan devils. You guys actually are lore fiends and I love it. Are there going to be various Xenos that aren't in the main tabletop?

For example, the hrud or any locals the Tau are trying to communise?

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What are you talking about! There's tonnes of diplomacy between the space marines and other factions. Very high caliber diplomacy, lots of dialogue.

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"PERISH, XENO SCUM" is such a nuanced greeting, don't you think?

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Oh hey, have you considered finding old alarmist newspaper and speculative journalism, that clearly did not come to pass as anything important, but was sensational?

Actually, secondary question. How important are op ed articles to the general functioning of a news company?

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Get back to /r/WritingPrompts damn you, you're ours.

I will fight to keep you there. Probably not very well, and most likely to little or no effect, but I will try.