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NamMander2 karma

First and foremost, congrats on the new album! I'll admit that I was worried about the pop-ish sound, but you all have, yet again, managed to construct an emotional experience beyond those of nearly all other musicians. That being said, fuck you for ruining the majority of other music for me. Haha. I never feel satisfied until I'm embarking on a musical journey that has been crafted by you.

Here are some questions for you:

-When are you coming to Texas? I understand that it's not the loveliest place in the world, but we're dying to see you without having to make a 15 hour drive. (But we'll do it if necessary.)

-Any plans for another Memphis album?

  • Was there a particular motivation or inspiration for the song "Barricade"?

Thanks for putting this together! Much love to you all!