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The US and Canada are like brothers, with the same parents (France and England). Both are "nice", sharing much the same culture and customs. They even have little french birthmarks in their southeastern regions (Louisiana and Quebec) The thing is, they are their own people with their own quirks.

The US is the competitive brother, always trying to be the best like papa Brittan was in his empire days. Sometimes this can make the US look mean or intimidating, especially when that desire has unexpected consequences or takes him down dark paths that make other nations angry or fearful. In the end, they concede that he tries to be a good citizen, and let him care for things like the UN.

Canada is the calm brother, who often share's his brothers concerns but is less reactive. That's not to say that Canada won't stand with his brother, or their mutual friends, but that they get their calm demeanor from their french mother who lives with the rest of Europe in more relaxed harmony. So Canada doesn't feel as big of a need to prove himself, so he comes off as much more friendly.

They show this brotherly love with one of the largest unprotected land borders in the world, which the US brags about with a grin while Canada rolls his eyes just behind him.

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That reminds me of this movie I saw once, where an army guy tortured a guy by sliding his knife out of it's shieth and started stabbing the man with a popsicle. The popsicle didn't hurt him, but the cold made him think he had been stabbed.

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  • He fixes macbooks, and puts the tutorials out for anyone to learn. Things other men would put behind a wall and say "fuck you pay me"
  • He's candid about his business, and about his failed business and shares what he's learned freely. Stuff that other men would put in a book and sell.
  • He's a right-to-repair advocate, traveling on his own dime to all these hearings and setting up his own equipment so that we can see them. He then takes part in said hearings.
  • He's taken us through the process he's gone through with renting a commercial space in New York, as well as renovating the space to something suitable for his business. All the while showing us the little scams and pitfalls they will try to pull and how to navigate them. (I'll certainly never rent a commercial space without getting a laser distance measure)
  • He is willing to work with other youtubers, like iPad Rehab and Linus Tech Tips. He let Linus use his expensive BGA reflow station on an already dead board. Heck, the way both Louis and Linus navigated what could have been a beef was amazing. Louis then came all the way to LMG to fix the Mac pro!
  • He even talks about his e-bike experience, where you can get an idea of where to start building and recently which batteries will burn down your building.

He calls himself an asshole, when he's so generous and gives so much without asking for anything in return. He calls himself stupid, when he can diagnose a broken macbook motherboard in minutes and keeps a business going in new york during a pandemic. The man deserves recognition, he puts more good into the world and does more work for the public than most politicians in office!

If Apple had two brain cells to rub together, they would make a repair and recovery center and put Louis and Jessa in charge of it.

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A solenoid is a type of switch/valve where a small amount of current/flow can open the switch/valve.

On the back of your washing machine, there's a pair of solenoids that uses a small amount of electrical current to open the hot and cold valves. I think the one in the urinal uses a small amount of water to open the valve.