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Call a Maasai man a woman.

May God help you. It's a complete insult to a man's honour. "It's a prank bro" won't cut it.

Source: Kenyan

p.s. No, really, tourists. Don't ever ever do this.

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LOL. This is Kiswahili. I speak the Kiswahili. So I know is Kiswahili. Is not snek.

p.s. But seriously, it's Kiswahili or, as the kids (in Kenya) call it, Swa. Also, the Maasai language is called Maa.

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You're calling her unmanageable and ungovernable. She'll give you a serious side-eye. And you have the possibility of her SO inferring an insult to himself.

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I'm from r/fitness. Can I see a picture of your calves?

p.s. No one post pictures of baby cows. If you do, they better be very cute.