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George, first and foremost, your work on The Wire was some of the most powerful and impressive I have ever seen, particularly in "That's Got His Own", the season 4 finale.


How much input did you have to the story arc for the characters, were you told by Simon and Burns exactly what they wanted to have happen and you were left to execute, or could you fight for the characters? It seemed like every episode you wrote had a major character transition or shift.

For example, in the Bodie scene, were you told exactly which way it was supposed to happen, or could you work and change the scene? Was the chess simile, with the "pawn" attacking diagonally and eventually being taken down by the L shape of a "knight" your idea, or was it brought about by someone else.

How difficult was it to write the scene between Stringer and Avon on the roof? It flowed perfectly, there was so much emotion, both public and private, but you captured it perfectly.


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Thanks so much!

David was dead-on, you did a phenomenal job writing when violent shit happens...

While the Stringer and Avon scene is my favorite, Michael K. Williams and Wendell Pierce acted the shit outta the Bunk/Omar scene... It's the first and perhaps the only time that Omar is clearly off his "game"...

"Makes me sick, motherfucker, how far we done fell"...

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That is an incredible way to look at it... because it is so true.

It's safe to say that Omar is the most popular character on the wire. But when framed in a different light, he is the scum of the scum. Don't get me wrong I love Omar, as much as I love Michael K. Williams portrayal.... but exactly like you said it... Fuck you audience, you wouldn't want him roaming your streets at night. Look past the Robin Hood aura and see what he really is.