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How much does this lifestyle cost you on average? Obviously it will vary by location

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Have you ever had a feijoa? If so, can you please try to describe the flavour. I've moved to the UK and miss them so much, and battle trying to describe them.

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Hi Lynn, I've been climbing for nearly 20 years, and am a huge fan!

Since I began climbing it has become a hugely popular sport. I'm from New Zealand and have moved to the UK, and am amazed at how polished so many crags are over here. Do you see it as a positive or negative that climbing has been consistently gaining in popularity? I know its self centered, but I see it as such a shame that once amazing routes become mediocre or even terrible due to overuse.

Also, what are the biggest psychological challenges you have had in climbing, are they related to your own climbing / falls / accidents, or those you have witnessed? How did you deal with them if so? I ask because I've witnessed a few very nasty accidents (and a suicide at the crag) in short succession recently, and it has really knocked me back! I'm so skittish and can't relax at the crag any more.

You are a real role model for climbers, and thanks for all your contributions to the sport.