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Did you get to carry any handgun you qualified on or did you have to use the shitty company guns?

Has the job become worse or better over the past few years?

How often did you have 3 man crews? I worked at Dunbar and you had to get lucky to get a 3rd person on your route because they didn't want to pay for it.

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Used to be a guard for 2 years, if the pay wasn't shit and you work in a pretty safe area, the job is pretty fun. You aren't stuck in the same office all day and you get to walk around in different places. If you don't get robbed and don't have to lug coin all day, eh... aint bad.

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Well... some of those trucks are better maintained then others. I used to drive rusted pieces of shit and everything that didnt have the engine block in front of it, I mean, I guess it was better than not having something in front of you.

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They usually have territories that cover multiple counties though, so you could be driving and walking around the shitty city over

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What's fubar? I hear it's German