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NEU_Gambino2 karma

Just wanted to say I’m really excited for the show in Boston tonight. Huge fans of all you guys and can’t wait to see what you’ve put together for the Creature Carnival.

Couple of questions for any (or all of you guys):

Favorite festivals/venues you’ve played at?

Best part of the tour so far?

Festivals you’d like to play at?

Anyone you’d be particularly excited about collaborating with?

NEU_Gambino1 karma

Thanks for responding! If you guys did Bonnaroo, I'd definitely go back again.

Another small question: Do you know what the set times are for tonight's show?

NEU_Gambino1 karma

Mt. Fuji sounds like an incredibly surreal experience and I can't imagine how amazing that would be. Thanks for responding!

Your show at HOB Boston last January was insane.

NEU_Gambino1 karma

Do you have any favorite memories from Towson High School?