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Hey! So we use ethically and fairly produced cotton, and anything that can't be made from this is entirely recycled! Now obviously water is an ever present issue in the production of cotton, so our next project is to redcue/fix this when we get a bit bigger is to support this somehow. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for the question

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We mean that the people who work in production of the cotton are safe and well-reimbursed in their job. Thanks for the question!

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Every input is valid! You never know, might shift soon Because this is quite high up, I'll go a bit further - so we initially weren't expecting this uptake, and just really wanted to get the name out there. However, hearing this, we will definitely make them less prominent in future. Your constructive criticism is appriciated. Have a great day

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I don't find that a helpful thing to say at all - at least I'm making an effort, and helping others to do the same. Don't diminish people trying to help, because collective efforts add up. Certification - I do my homework and work hard.

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So that bit doesn't necessarily lower carbon footprint, but the 243 trees we've planted for our sales so far have! Check out how WeOffset works at www.weoffset.world