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I’m a structural engineer and I would love to work on one of these. I’d absolutely bill hourly instead of by square footage though, haha

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Former regal cinema worker here: are Tyler Perry movies still the absolute worst to clean up after? (Maybe tied with kid movies)

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You would think airport employees would be more hesitant to talk about people blowing stuff up......

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We’re licensed in the US in a few east coast states but are based in NC. I personally think your projects would be a blast, but I doubt my company would take them on and I’m not insured to do independent work. If you want my company info you can DM me and I can get you in touch with my project manager to see if it’s something we could take on. With as small as these are I’m sure you don’t need permits so I doubt not being licensed in your area would be a huge deal

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Sounds about right. Good to know some things don't change. Unfortunately the things that don't change are the things that should.