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NBA_acc336 karma

Lifelong DC sports fan here. Despite getting numerous high lottery picks and drafting All-NBA level guards such as Gilbert Arenas, John Wall, and Bradley Beal, the Wizards have yet to win 50 games in a season or make the conference finals in my lifetime. What do you intend to do differently from our previous front offices to ensure such a drought does not happen?

It really looks like you hit on the Rui pick. A lot of people thought we picked Hachimura too early, but it seems like he actually might be a steal and could make the all-rookie first team this season. I remember reading somewhere that Rui was always top 4 on your draft board. What was the thought process that lead to the Rui pick, and what did you see in him that other teams missed?

Brooks has commonly been cited as a great developmental coach. With John Wall returning next year, Beal continuing to improve every year, and a front office headed in the right direction, the Wizards will be looking to compete for a playoffs spot (and potentially home court in the first round). I understand he has experience coaching a team with championship aspirations with the Thunder. However, they failed to reach the finals after 2012 during Brooks' tenure. How do you expect Brooks to respond to the challenge of coaching a team with higher expectations?