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I had to look this one up. I did have a similar hairstyle in the late 70s...

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I have a better idea. Sell the moon to China in exchange for forgiving all US debt. You can't go wrong.

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This is exactly what we needed to avoid. In layman's terms, we have to create a flow of air that sucks the waste into the waste storage tanks (liquids are filtered and put into space, solids are stored and disposed of upon return to earth). Basically there are plastic bags for urination and defecation, and the astronaut does his/her business in there (there is a fan that helps with urination). For solids, the bag is then sucked into the storage tank with a quick blast of air, compressed, and stored for later disposal. For liquids, the air is filtered and returned to the cabin, as much liquid as can be salvaged is filtered, and the rest goes into the voids of space.

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Given the whole lack of gravity thing, I can't say that it has.

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I must say, the term "pink sock" was something I wish I had not had to Google. Since the toilet does not actually suction the waste directly from the person, I cannot imagine too many astronauts have had this problem, at least not as a result from our toilet design...