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Hi Firebreathingbadger,

That's a great question. Sometimes, it's really crazy to think about what we actually do for a living. Most of the time, working for the ISS program is very much like a normal job, but sometimes, it's incredibly surreal. As an example, sometimes we go outside and watch the ISS fly over at dusk. We see it soar across the evening sky like a really bright star, and then we can go inside our control center and watch live video from inside that bright point of light and see the astronauts floating around and performing science experiments. It really blows your mind! Another time I remember just how incredible this job can be is when I get to watch a sunrise or sunset from the external cameras. It's one of the most beautiful things I've seen, and I always try and watch them when I'm sitting console. Sometimes I mention what I do to a friend, and they're like "HOLD UP, YOU DO WHAT?!?" and I remember that this job isn't normal.

As for something really funny, one time Sunni Williams and Akihiko Hoshide were preparing for a spacewalk, and while they were doing pre-breathing exercises, they were listening to music. At one point, they started synchronized arm and leg exercises and it looked like they were doing a dance routine in spacesuits! It was my favorite moment from their time on ISS! - MH

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If you define a kiss as being about 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and moving a 65,000 miles per hour, then sure! - BC

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Women. And I've been married for 29 years. - Andy Schorr

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The theory of a rotating habitat to create artificial gravity is sound, the challenge is always actually building it. To create sufficient artificial gravity the rotating structure would need to be over 700 ft across which makes for an extremely large spaceship. This necessitates multiple launches and assembly in orbit. But if the transit habitat design uses this concept, NASA will be able to leverage past work on the ISS construction as enabling engineering. - Nujoud Merancy

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I love Kerbal Space Program! It's really helped me understand orbital mechanics and how space stations can be built (especially how difficult docking can be!). We have to keep the big screen clear for mission information and video feeds, but it wouldn't be very much out of place! I would love to take Jeb or Val to the Space Station for real! - MH